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OPTics and IMAging

In 2018, the Optima team (Optics and Imaging of complex media) and a part of the MOTIV team (Materials, Optics and Instrumental Techniques for the Life Sciences) have decided to merge together in a new team called Optics and Imaging (Optique et Imageries), from january 2020.

The purpose of this merger is twofold:
- to increase the visibility of LIPhy’s activities concerning the development of imaging techniques (optics, acoustics, X-rays) and their applications, in particular to biology or medicine.
- to promote more interaction inside the laboratory, around the techniques of optics and imaging in the broad sense.

This new team will be organized into two major themes:
- Instrumentation and Methods: development of new experimental techniques for metrology or imaging
- Physics and Imaging for Life Sciences: biomedical applications of imaging techniques.

group picture
De gauche à droite/Left to right:
Haut/Top: Alain Lombard, Éric Lacot, Aurélien Gourrier, Olivier Hugon, Olivier Jacquin, Emmanuel Bossy, Hugues Guillet de Chatelus, Sylvie Costrel, Sylvain Mézil, Philippe Moreau (caché comme d’hab), Bastien Arnal, Anirban Sarkar, Adrien Carron, SeungHwan Lee, Minju Kim.
Bas/Bottom: Antoine Delon, Marco Canepari, Aurélie Dupont, Gillaume Godefroy, Irène Wang, Bathilde Rivière, Laila Blomer

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