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Matrice Extracellulaire, un mécano-senseur extracellulaire ?

OBJECTIF montrer que la cellule sait lire et distinguer les différents paramètres mécaniques de l’environnement extérieur, tels que la rigidité et la déformation de la matrice extra-cellulaire, la (...)

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Open Internships 2019-2020

The project aims at developing a minimal system in-vitro mimicking a biological tissue.

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Interrogating the metabolism of cell locomotion with optogenetics

The mechanobiology field has spread out remarkably over the last years, closely connected to the development of methods to probe and quantify the forces exerted by cells and tissues at different (...)

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Self-sustained velocity waves and pattern emergence in tissues

OBJECTIVE The project aims at investigating the role of self-sustained velocity waves in the emergence of a supracellular organisation in a multicellular context.
CONTEXT Several recent works (...)

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Understanding the transition from optical aberrations to light scattering, by means of fluorescence fluctuation microscopy

CONTEXT When one tries to look deeper into cells or tissues, optical aberrations caused by the specimen itself lead to an enlarged Point Spread Function (PSF) and hence a degradation of the (...)

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Optogenetic interrogation of engineered biological tissues

Mechanical signals, such as forces or stiffness, are crucial to many biological processes over a range of length scales. This project aims at studying how these signals are spatially (...)

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