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Imagerie photoacoustique in vivo

PIs : B. Arnal, E. Bossy, O. Hugon, O. Jacquin, E. Lacot, S. Costrel, P. Moreau


PIs : Bastien Arnal, Emmanuel Bossy, Olivier Hugon, Olivier Jacquin, Eric Lacot
Technical support : I. Wang, P. Moreau, S. Costrel
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1 Cartilage imaging
Short (...)

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Cartilage imaging

In the context of using photoacoustic imaging to address clinical problems, we are developing an intra-articular photo-acoustic imager in collaboration with academic laboratories (CREATIS, TIMC, (...)

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Photoacoustic imaging of the brain

As an expected ouput of the ERC Coherence project, we want to exploit the 3D acoustic-(super)resolution photoacoustic imager and the minimally-invasive optical resolution photoacoustic (...)

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Imaging of the microvascular network with optical resolution PA microscope

Thanks to our multispectral frequency-domain PA microscope, we plan to study the changes in the properties of blood flow and the microvascular network in mice in relation to different (...)

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Super-resolution and enhanced 3D imaging of blood microcirculation

Using acoustic-resolution PA imaging, our 3D real-time imager under development will be associated with new reconstruction algorithms to achieve super-resolution and tackle the problem of (...)

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Beyond photoacoustic imaging : theranostics with PA cavitation

A new thematic came with our freshly recruited researcher. It concerns noninvasive surgery using high intensity focused ultrasound coupled to pulse light emissions. Ultrasonic shockwaves can (...)

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