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Systèmes d’imagerie

PIs : O. Hugon, B. Arnal, E. Bossy, M. Canepari, A. Gourrier, O. Jacquin, E. Lacot, J.-C. Vial, S. Costrel, P. Moreau, I. Wang


PIs : B. Arnal, E. Bossy, M. Canepari, Aurélien Gourrier, O. Hugon, O. Jacquin, E. Lacot, J.C. VIal
Technical support : P. Moreau, I. Wang
This section provides an overview of current (...)

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High precision optical thickness prototype

Measuring the thickness of thin (10-100 µm) biological sections (typically 1 cm2 ) with a precision of < 1 µm is a challenge for which no commercial solution is currently available (essentially (...)

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High speed imaging of living tissues

The team is specialized in the development of ultrafast imaging systems for ion and membrane potential (Vm) imaging in living tissues, with possibilities for optical stimulation. This activity, (...)

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Minimally invasive optical resolution photoacoustic endoscopy

The development of a minimally invasive photoacoustic microendoscope started a couple of years ago as part of the ERC Coherence project. The current prototype is limited to short and rigid (...)

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Optical-resolution frequency domain photoacoustic microscopy

Regarding frequency domain photoacoustic imaging, we will seek to better understand the phenomena at the origin of the signal to optimize the excitation frequency and the acquisition mode. This (...)

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Super-resolution photoacoustic microscopy

Improving the performance of the Optical Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy (ORPAM) is an interesting goal since presently it is not as good as in fluorescence microscopy. We will focus on the (...)

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3D acoustic-resolution hybrid US/PA imager

Using nanosecond pulsed light, photoacoustic imaging can be achieved at the acoustic resolution when using arrays of acoustic detectors. While we recently focused our efforts on 2-dimensional (...)

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