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Chaouqi Misbah

C. Misbah is Director of Research at CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research, France ,

The research topics of C. Misbah focus on the problem of theory and simulations of blood flow by taking explicitly red blood cells into account, and more recently on microswimmers (e.g. amoeboid swimming) and cell motility (see film). C. Misbah is also involved in general questions of nonlinear sciences, and has formerley performed many studies in nonequilibrium pattern forming systems, including solidification fronts, such as snow flackes, eutectics, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, and so on. C. Misbah’s activities is closely connected to several experimental studies performed in his Lab.

Collège doctoral franco-allemand
soutenu par l’Université franco-allemande


Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, Grenoble, France.

Complex Fluid Group

my office: 312,

+33 4 76 51 48 76


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Postdoc offers

Postdco offers are available on living fluids both experimental and theoretical. The topic is numerical with a close collaboration with experiments within the same Institute.

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Research Topics

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Phd Offers

Phd offers on simulation are vailable on blood flow and microswimers. Applicants must send their CV a letter of motivation, and three recommendation letters (to be directly sent to C. Misbah by the Referees)

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