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21 March 2019

Neurons : The parallel dynamics of multiple ion channels revealed by optical imaging

In neurons, electrical and calcium signals result from the synergistic simultaneous activity of several ion channel types. In the current issue of Journal of Neuroscience, researchers of the LIPhy and their international collaborators report a study where, for the first time, they reconstructed the parallel activity of diverse calcium and potassium channels during a physiological synaptic input in native neurons.

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21 February 2019

A biomimetic experiment to understand the drying of leaves

The resistance of trees to drought is a growing concern in the context of global warming. Under dry conditions, embolisms can appear in the sap network within leaves, potentially stopping the circulation and leading to leaf drying. However, the propagation and growth of embolisms in leaves remains poorly understood. Researchers from LIPhy have undertaken a physical study to study such embolisms in an artificial leaf.

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14 February 2019

The syncopated groove of red blood cells: an ode to their discreet diversity.

Red blood cells have a subtle mechanics which is not fully described by current models, that enables them to perform their oxygen transport function, . LIPhy researchers, in collaboration with Université Libre de Bruxelles, carried out an extensive experimental study of their dynamics in shear flow which shows a multiplicity of simultaneous dynamic states linked to the variability of properties between cells. This constitutes a reference work for the validation of new models.

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8 January 2019

Sensing a picoliter for the direct measurement of liquid flow rate in nanofluidicis

Physicists developed recently a simple sensor to measure minute liquid flow rates. This sensor, based on the accumulation of liquid within a deformable membrane, has been developed for the study of flows in nanofluidics. In particular, this sensor is devoted to the characterisation of coupled transport phenomena within a single nanopore. These phenomena, that remain partially understood, are of interest for water treatment and renewable energy conversion.

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5 December 2018

The biochemical pathway of ATP by red blood cells elucidated

The understanding of the mechanisms of biochemical signaling, which is ubiquitous in the vascular network, is essential for the design of therapies adapted to cardiovascular pathologies. The release of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) by red blood cells is a major mechanism that has been modeled in this work, in agreement with experiments conducted at Harvard.

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