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Coarse-Grained Modeling of the compaction of bacterial DNA

The volume occupied by unconstrained bacterial DNA in physiological saline solutions exceeds 1000 times the volume of a cell. Still, DNA is confined to a well defined region of the cell called (...)

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Biomimetic and bio-engineered shear stress sensor

To characterize a fluid flow, the simplest method is to measure the velocity field. But, in the case of complex fluids for which there is no constitutive law, the shear stress remains unknown. (...)

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Forces, shape and structure of living cells

Living cells come in a wealth of different shapes depending on their esurroundings. The organisation of their polymeric skeleton reflects this diversity. Using rheology approaches, we seek (...)

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Microtubule lattice dynamics

Microtubules are omnipresent tube-like polymeric structures in living cells. They serve as mechanical scaffold for cilia, flagella or axons and as intracelluar transport tracks. Throughout their (...)

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Migration of living cells: modelling and numerical simulations

The polymer skeleton of cells can deform using the biochemical energy of ATP. A rheological model has enabled us to describe the link between forces and deformations. By finite element (...)

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Modelling the dynamics of a biological tissue in vivo

The mechanisms that cells employ to shape living organisms during embryogenesis remain elusive. Combining laser nanoablations and mechanical modelling we aim at a better understanding of the role (...)

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Unravelling the structure of complex hydrocarbons from their spectroscopic response by neural networks and machine learning

Growing evidence from astronomical observations suggests that carbon matter is present in interstellar media in large amounts, possibly under highly ordered form such as fullerenes. However, (...)

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