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A network of bubbles vibrating under an...

A network of bubbles vibrating under an ultrasonic field gives rise to extraordinary acoustic and hydrodynamic behavior, such as a gigantic emission or absorption of sound, or large flows around (...)

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Confined Ionic Liquids Under Electric Field.

Ionic Liquids (IL) are promissing materials for new technologies in the field of energy storage and generation, such as super-capacitors, lithium batteries, or fuel cells. In these applications (...)

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Dissolution of gas and growth of bubbles in a polymeric material (collaboration LIPhy/Saint-Gobain)

More than sixty years ago, Epstein and Plesset presented solution for the growth rate and dissolution of a gas bubble in an oversaturated liquid-gas solution. The objective of this internship is (...)

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DySCo 2015 meeting registration

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Endothelial cell mechanics using AFM

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. One of the cancer main features is the rapid proliferation of abnormal cells and their invasion into vital organs (metastasis). In order to invade other tissus, cancer cells migrate through the endothelium.

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Nanoparticles transport in confined geometry

Controlling fluid flow in a porous medium may be critical for some industries. For example, in enhanced oil recovery, water is commonly injected into the rock to force the expulsion of captive (...)

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